Hazrem offer a broad range of hazardous materials abatement services including many reinstatement works. Our employees are trained in a broad range of construction industry accreditations but most importantly they are all Class A ticketed for hazardous material and all have the necessary high risk tickets often required on the projects we undertake including, heights, confined spaces, boom and other EWP plant, forklift, scaffolding and allimak training enabling all access and plant equipment to be managed in house.

Our capabilities include undertaking multi-million dollar projects in all areas of hazardous materials removal and abatement;

  • Removal and replacement of industrial roofs- often in still functioning manufacturing plant without loss of production time
  • Asbestos containing materials in all forms- removed and disposed of (to EPA licenced landfill with all appropriate documentation) and where required, replaced with non-hazardous alternatives
  • Asbestos abatement to contaminated soils and the management of the removal and disposal of soils on all sites, commercial, residential and industrial
  • Management of contaminated dust impaction on all sites but particularly in functioning work places
  • Management of shut-down abatement works and other time-critical works
  • Re-instatement of any item removed during abatement works including roofs, ceilings, wall cladding, insulation products both commercial and industrial, fencing, duct work and many others.

In establishing our ethos, we have recognised that within the hazardous materials abatement industry there is a lack of consistency in pricing platforms and a lack of transparency in the pricing process.

At Hazrem, we provide our clients with clear and detailed pricing information on every aspect of each project.  This enables our clients to make informed decisions in the full knowledge of our processes, resources and risk management strategies.

At the time of tendering we seek to disclose all the project risks and opportunities we have identified.  The risks are often clearly understood however Hazrem bring innovative solutions to our clients which add value by realising efficiencies in both time and cost.