Risk Management

At Hazrem safety and safe work practices are non-negotiable criteria. As is the management of the range of risks each project potentially holds for all involved whether they are environmental, occupational, reputational or financial.

Hazrem is committed to providing environmentally responsible services to our clients for the benefit of our clients, our employees and the communities in which we operate.  The nature of our business requires a heightened degree of environmental awareness and monitoring all our activities is often a regulatory requirement.  As a result all our processes are thoroughly documented and our procedures are developed with these issues in mind.  

One of the benefits of being a relative newcomer to the hazardous materials abatement industry is that we are not burdened by out-dated and cumbersome legacy management systems.  We have developed our own in-house comprehensive management system which is an integrated database incorporating our OHS, Environmental and Quality Management Systems.  In building this integrated management system the core philosophy was shared and controlled information flow.  For example; a key learning as a result of a near miss on one site becomes integrated into an updated Safe Work Method Statement which gets automatically updated across all sites and projects within the company.

In the same way Risk Management also becomes systematic.  Our database approach ensures once a risk or action item is entered, it stays in the system.  It gets rated and reported on and allows for re-rating after controls are agreed.

Good management systems and highly experienced staff combine to provide early risk identification which together with good communication systems allow for the level of risk of management necessary for client peace of mind and safe and efficient project delivery for which we are known.

An appreciation of the Intrinsic Asset Value and particular sensitivities of this site is acknowledged in our planning and ongoing management of each project as we manage the reputational risk to client and community alike.  We have broad experience of demolition within a heritage context with all the associated physical difficulties these sites can pose.  Our management system provides the framework for both ameliorating risk while managing all issues these site bring for example often the need to maintain a low public profile or ensure communication to those outside the client group is effectively managed.