• Toyota AR Roof Removal

    Toyota took the opportunity when replacing manufacturing equipment in their engine plant building to replace the roof at the same time. Our works saw the removal of an 8,500m² section in a three week occupation. In order to complete such an enormous area in such a short period we developed a safe working scaffold system to allow access to the roof from above- dramatically reducing the time, the risks and the labour force required in the roof removal process.

    Duration: 3 weeks
    Workforce: 45

  • IGA Supermarket

    Over 40 years this building which had once been roofed in A/C sheet was progressively re-clad in a range of other materials leaving behind the remnants of its original construction. Our works involved removing the ceiling and thoroughly cleaning residual asbestos material from every element of the truss structures from the purlins to the ceiling line before replacing the ceiling grid and overseeing the refurbishment of both the shop floor and back of house areas. Managing our works in the shortest possible time to minimise income loss to the business was part of the success of the project.

    Duration: 4 weeks
    Workforce: total of seven trades working simultaneously and up to 40 people on any given day.

  • Maygar Barracks

    The Department of Defence property needed extensive works to remove some 21 buildings largely roofed, clad externally and lined internally with A/C sheet, together with a range of friable inclusions in areas like window gaskets, incinerators and fire doors. This barracks was a relic from an age where asbestos was widely used. The total footprint of the combined buildings was more than 50,000m².

    Duration: 3 months
    Workforce: 20

  • Boral Kiln Removal

    Redundant kilns at Boral Australia’s various brick manufacturing facilities have progressively been removed because their construction relied on asbestos insulation in and around cavities and voids together with a range of gaskets used in the expansion joints and between layers of the kiln. The intricacy of this type of gentle demolition under highly controlled conditions has become a Hazrem especialty with the added challenge of managing these works in a functioning work place by constructing a series of isolation barriers.

    Duration: 6 weeks per occupation
    Workforce: 10

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