About Hazrem

Class A licenced specialising in the environmentally safe removal of all hazardous materials, including all forms of asbestos containing material whether friable in nature or bonded.

Hazrem maintain a large and highly experienced permanent workforce together with a fleet of plant and equipment, capable of managing projects of considerable size.  Consequently we count many of Australia’s best known industrial and manufacturing companies amongst our clients. We have become experts at managing difficult roof projects in particular but have the expertise to manage hazardous works of all types.  Often our works are highly time-critical and so the size of our workforce, their combined years of industry experience and our management systems- particularly around risk management, contributes to our continued success.

Good management systems and highly experienced staff combine to provide early risk identification which together with good communication systems allow for the level of risk of management necessary for client peace of mind and safe and efficient project delivery for which we are known. Time and Cost Management begins with absolute tender transparency and moves onto the early identification of potential delays, and incorporates continual programmed and structured communication to all stakeholders during all parts of the process.

Hazrem maintain an openness to collaborative problem solving particularly during the pre-start stages where cost savings can be identified but continuing throughout the works to ensure budget and deadlines for project completion are met. Through the life of each project we then maintain a “no surprises” culture with timely information flowing between all levels of our team back to the client to enable early identification of both potential benefits as well as problems giving our clients the best opportunity for advantage in both cases.

Hazrem maintain excellent relationship with all of Victoria’s leading occupational hygienist firms and can offer our client’s advice in managing their own regulatory requirement to engage these services on projects where necessary.

In order to offer a complete project solution Hazrem maintain alliances with companies in allied industries including roof plumbing, interior fit-out, demolition, electrical contractors and many others and can therefor present our clients with a fixed price and fixed time solution for most abatement problems.

Given the high risk nature of the works we undertake; Hazrem maintain the following relevant statutory and regulatory compliances;

  • Worksafe Victoria licence as a Class A Asbestos Removalist
  • AS 4801 Independently Audited  OH&S Management System
  • $20million Public and Products Liability Insurance
  • Compliance with all relevant industry funds including Incolink, Coinvest and Cbus
  • A current EBA certified with CFMEU and compliance with all associated conditions
  • Workers Compensation Insurance compliance with the Victorian Workcover Authority
  • A range of other insurances including Works Cover on all major projects
  • MSIC,  ASIC, Rail Safety, OHS Cert 4, and First Aid 3 and 4 accreditation for our core team